Back Office for CPAs
Bookkeeping Services for Busy CPAs

At Enlaiven, we know that Certified Public Accountants dread the busy tax season. Our experienced team can take care of all the bookkeeping and end of year work for your clients, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Back Office for CPAs

If you are a CPA firm and looking for back-office operations support that can handle bookkeeping, accounting and year end finalization work of all your clients and that too at a reasonable rate, Enlaiven is the right place for you.

The founders of Enlaiven have years of experience of dealing and working with CPAs in USA. During busy tax season, CPAs do not get chance to do a bookkeeping catch up work and then doing a finalization as they are busy in preparing and filing tax returns of their clients. Enlaiven helps CPAs to a great extent by taking care of all the bookkeeping stuff of their clients. Not only that, Enlaiven also helps in finalization of accounts and preparation of final Working Papers. Once final Working Papers are submitted to CPAs, it becomes very easy for CPAs to review final numbers and they can file tax return of their client in no time. In a way, we help CPAs in saving time, energy and money.

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