One time Clean up and Catch-up work of the books
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Do you need a professional accountant to clean up your books before tax season? At Enlaiven Accounting, we can get your books up to date and correct any errors before you submit them to your CPA. Our services are affordable and flexible.

One time Clean up and Catch-up work of the books

At times, it happens that small and mid-sized businesses do not have in house accountants. In such situations, business owners take care of bookkeeping. As owners are meant to do a business, and not a bookkeeping, they might end up making lot of mistakes while recording transactions into books of accounts. In such situations, books at the end of the year needs lot of clean up before it is submitted to CPAs for filing returns.

At the same time, it is also possible that transactions have not been recorded at all for entire or part of the year and catch-up work needs to be done before the books are submitted to the CPAs for filing tax returns.

We at Enlaiven, help our clients in one time clean up and catch-up work for the year with affordable fees.


In case of clean-up work, we review books for entire year, we do reallocation of transactions to correct GLs, we clean up uncategorized transactions, we do review of revenue vs capital expenditure, we clean up AP and AR accounts, we reconcile all the GLs in balance sheet and submit finalized books to our clients or to the CPAs for tax return filing.

In case of catch-up work after recording all the transactions for the period, we do required clean-up work to make sure we are submitting error free books to our clients / CPAs.

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